Best guitar pick for recording or performing on acoustic or electric stringed instruments - Cool and rare - Warm, rich tone - SURFPICK premium handmade exotic wooden guitar picks - custom made wood lignum vitae. Surf Pick.

Sorry,full size Surfpicks are no longer available.
Jazz Stubbies and MiniBullet Picks ONLY.

There are no longer any bonus offers in effect.

It seems crazy to spend over $10 on a guitar pick, when we're used to paying only a quarter.
It's also illogical though, to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on fine guitars and amplifiers
and then skimp on the crucial link between us and our guitar, by using a piece of plastic, when there is something better.
Would you choose an inferior sounding amplifier or guitar, to save a mere $10?

You can ring a church bell with a lot of things but you need the right clapper to bring out the tone.
You may be skeptical about Surfpicks but do you know who is not skeptical? Those who have tried them.
Please read what players have said about their Surfpicks.
Surfpick does not pay for endorsements. All endorsers have sent money to me.
If you don't agree that it improves your tone and helps raise you to the next level of artistry, I will cheerfully refund your payment.

Surfpick developed the Lignum Vitae pick in 2003
Don't settle for anything less than the craftsmanship you get with the true Surfpick.

Send specs for your dream pick and I'll duplicate it for you.

Free Shipping!
It is illegal for me to ship Lignum Vitae Surfpicks out of the U.S.

Try and forget your preconceptions about how you feel about 'stiff' or 'thick' picks.
This incredible material is in a class by itself.
Not only is this an astonishing soloing tool... delivering warmth, depth & clarity,
while enabling you to climb to the next level of speed & accuracy,
a Surfpick will also permit extremely sensitive and lively strumming,
changing character as you vary your touch, while you glide effortlessly through the strings...
all with a brilliance and richness of tone that you will love.

Compare a genuine Surfpick to any other pick and you be the judge.
A Surfpick is so finely finished & highly polished, no wax or oil is necessary to make it glow.
The cellular structure of Lignum Vitae is saturated with it's own natural oil.
This oil is contained within each cell. It is visible when carving or burning the wood..
but a finished piece is as smooth and cold as a piece of marble.

Watch it burn right here

A little thing like a Surfpick can make a big difference in your playing.
It is one of the cheapest investments, towards improved performance, that you can make.
If you lose picks easily, that may be because they are not worth safeguarding?
With a Surfpick, most people report that losses are more often from friends who have stolen them.

Lignum Vitae is an amazing wood. A thin sliver can withstand constant banging against steel.
The wood is incredibly dense. It is over 3 times as hard as White Oak!
Janka hardness scale

A Surfpick will give you a rich, mellow tone.
One of the things that many people love about the Surfpick,
is how it reduces 'pick click' against the strings, compared to many picks.
You can make any guitar sound better... and refine your picking skills at the same time.

Surfpicks work great with both acoustic and electric stringed instruments.
It will mellow out the harshness in your acoustic guitar and if you have an electric,
make sure to tweak your amp and push the limits of your new range of tone.

Lignum Vitae is the strongest and most dense wood, on the planet.
It will sink, even in salt water.
Hundreds of years ago, it was indispensable, for fittings on the tall ships.
It was also used to create bearings, for many massive hydroelectric generators
built around 100 years ago.. and is still in use in many of those dams.

With the advent of synthetic materials, LV was largely forgotten,
although it's amazing properties still resulted in it being used
as propeller shaft bearings, on some U.S. Naval ships.

LV needs no finish, wax or oil, when properly crafted.
Fine sanding is all that is needed for a spectacular piece of art.
( I use up to 3000 grit )

There are people out there, selling all kinds of pseudo Lignum Vitae.
Surfpick only uses the finest quality Guaiacum Officinale, or Guaiacum Sanctum.
Anything else, is not true Lignum Vitae.
The Australian Eucalyptus and Acacia are sometimes called Lignum Vitae.
Do not buy Gaiac, Vera or Argentinian Lignum Vitae,
if you are looking for real Lignum Vitae.

It is illegal for me to ship Lignum Vitae Surfpicks out of the U.S.

email me at:

frequently asked questions

Jazz Stubby Surfpick - $20 and $30

These picks are about 1 inch long.

Jazz Stubby - 2mm - $20

Jazz Stubby - 3mm - $30

Mini Bullet Jazz Surfpicks - $20 & $30

approx. 1 inch long

Mini Bullet - 2mm thick - $20

Mini Bullet - 3mm thick - $30

Plush gift cases available for $3 each.

Black Gift Box

It is illegal to ship Lignum Vitae out of the U.S.

email me at:

frequently asked questions

Don't condemn yourself to inferior tone and feel,
just because you're used to paying only pennies for guitar picks.

best regards,

Video Demo by Gabriel Tanaka of

Read the Surfpick review by Chris Burgess of Premier Guitar Magazine

What the professionals are saying:

"As a plectrum fetishist and collector, you should know that yours ranks up there with Dugain as amongst the very finest IMHO
The Surfpick has an extraordinary smoothness and feels especially great when I'm playing guitars that have oil-finished or thinly lacquered necks;
the experience produces a kind of unity-of-feel between the two hands. Exquisite."
- Vernon Reid
Living Colour

" Hi~ I really would like to thank you for the amazing pick. I couldn't put it down!
I had been accustomed to playing with the Jim Dunlop jazz (1) picks. I had to cut them in half because I can't play with a full size pick.
I started this style of playing years ago. I just found out in recent years the late great jazz guitar virtuoso Joe Pass acquired this same style of picking.
Your picks are truly unique & high quality. I plan to try the other styles soon."
- Jerome Ali
The Brothers Ali Jazz Duo

"Ra, your Surfpicks are brilliant. Thank you for your vision! I'd been irritated for years with the edge of my plastic pick
wearing down and creating a sharp edge. With my Surfpick, not only do I always have a clean edge but the tone is so much improved over plastic
and the Surfpick glides across the strings. The pick feels so comfortable in my hand and seems to have instantly improved my technique."
- John Bruhnke
Blues Oriented Rock Guitarist

"I first started using Mini-Bullet Surfpicks when a friend of mine lent me one and I haven't stopped using them since.
I use them whenever I play blues or rock on my ukulele and their sturdy feel and durability have been the top reasons I've used them
on recordings, sessions and gigs including a stint at Madison Square Garden with rock greats Weezer.
Who knew a wooden pick would be so awesome? p.s. - just stocked up on some more!"
- Trevor Jude Smith
Ukulele player

"Ra, picks arrived today... I am simply blown away by the difference in tone.
I went back & forth... Surfpick to Fender heavy... the plastic sounded flat....and....plastic.
Your Surfpick added a unique tonal quality in the "attack". Totally made the notes come alive.
Another thing... My wife opened the package & said there was one that was "way too thick".
When I got home, I checked them out, & one of them did LOOK to be too thick for me.
That all changed when I actually used it. Not only was it NOT too thick...
I was surprised at how COMFORTABLE it was to play with!
Bottom line... I plan to buy more. Thanks man."
- Ed
Von Face
Von Face Blues Project

"Ra, thank you, thank you very much. You are an oasis in the wilderness. Finally someone has got it right.
Surfpick has completed the equation and produced the answer for all guitarists. I purposely selected a variety of your picks
to replace a wooden pick I wore out and enjoy the variation of techniques I get.
From my classical to bass, Surfpicks are my new preference."
- Steve LaLonde
Rusty Bones

"Your website is a true testament to the Surfpick. It is everything that it is described to be and then some.
My first Surfpick is getting worn in quite nicely. It has a great feel and I get compliments on my tone because of the pick.
I have a very large pick collection (plastic, wood, metal, horn, bone...) but the Surfpick is by far my favorite.
It really is a fantastic pick that will improve both tone and playability. Your picks are a joy to use, Ra."
- Teresa

"An amazing 'must have' tool for every guitarist's tone arsenal.
Clarity and warmth that will bring out all the tone your ax has to offer!"
- Jon Mernyk
Jon Mernyk Trio

"FYI, I tried a/b-ing a bunch of (about 20) picks, and yours won hands down.
The lignum is so slick, it really makes for good sweep picking, and the tone is really natural sounding.
The wood really gives a more "organic" tone, if that is the right word.
They are hands down the best pick out there."
- Paul Douds

"Hi Ra, thanks for the picks. I rated them next to what I've been using.
They produce a better tone which seems to be fuller.. but more well defined.
They feel good.. and have less drag on the string.
I can play faster on adjoining strings but also have excellent accuracy jumping over strings.
I played 5 gigs this week and each one was a technical and sonic pleasure due to the surfpick.
Enclosed is $75 for more."
- Jack Grassel
Grammy nominated Jazz guitarist

"The surf pick has the sound quality as well as the durability and gauges I was looking for in a jazz pick"
- Ronald Muldrow
Jazz guitarist
Recording artist

"I can't say for sure that these picks actually improve my picking technique...
but they give me the confidence that I'm playing better. And isn't that the key?
They are something special. One warning, however...
once you try them you will not go back to regular old picks.
Or plectrums as some fancy boys call them."
- Tom Dixon
Twang Dragons

"Wow! I am thoroughly impressed!
My guitar is a custom solidbody made of laminated exotic hardwoods
with 33 settings of series, parallel, and phase reversed voices.
It is the most beautiful sounding guitar I have ever heard,
but now it sounds even better... playing with this wooden pick produces
an unmistakable increase in brightness, clarity, and harmonic content.
Practicing a right-hand technique known as Benson picking,
I can pick around 20 notes per second with this pick...
a pick that fully supports this advanced playing technique.
Not to exaggerate, since these are just picks,
but there is a chime-like brilliance along with a silky smoothness
produced by them depending on position and picking angle."
- Frank Pirrone
Piranha Guitars

"Hi Ra, thanks for the picks. They are just like you described.
You got the design 'right on', for the custom one you made for me.
Surfpicks are well worth the cost, nothing else compares.
- West Bolz
Eta Carina

"If tone, feel, and clarity is important to you, you have to try a Surf Pick.
These are great picks."
- Scott Denett
Scott Denett Trio

"I must say that I am really getting off on the tone of these picks,
made of a rare extremely hard wood called Lignum Vitae.
The tone has much more depth than plastic, yet still has the pronounced attack.
These are pretty damn pricey, but very cool. The contour of the edge just rolls off the string.
These picks really do sound unique. "
- Harry Jacobson

"What a difference in accuracy on my Taylor Kottke maple 12 string your Surfpick makes!
Nuances that I could never attain have suddenly appeared since I got my first one. My wife found out about it
by listening while I was rehearsing and asked why the sound was so much clearer and cleaner,
when I showed her your pick she asked if I had another one just for gigs and I said:
'No, but I'd love to keep one in my practice room and another just for gigs and recording.'
Thank you for developing and designing such a wonderful piece of art. Its like relearning how to play the 12 string.
I've noticed that my sense of touch is a lot lighter and the ability to pick individual notes/strings has been drastically improved."
- Lem Genovese
Yankee Medic Records

What the public is saying:

"I am in love. The best pick I've ever used. I usually fingerpick because I am not real good with a pick only because I never used one like this
I am ordering at least one more now and many more in the future. Absolutely what you said it would be and more. I'm floored,
believe me I am not fond of picks. Love love love it."
- Anthony

"Superb sweet I love your picks. Tactile. Connected at the root.
Thanks for a great piece of craftsmanship / artistry nothing like them."
- Don

"Dear Ra, I just ordered a pick for my nephew. My wife got me one of your picks for my birthday and I love it.
The sound is so clean and warm. What you do is nothing short of incredible."
- Frank

"Ra, I've been using the Surfpick for a few days now, and I have to say...
it's amazing. I just wanted to say thanks for offering such a fine product.
I've collected picks in all different shapes and sizes made from all different kinds of materials,
some rare and exotic... but nothing is the same as Lignum Vitae --
and the ones you create are the best of all that I've tried. Thanks so much!"
- Anthony

"I'm back for more. These truly are the nicest picks I've seen."
- Steven

"I bought the Bullet Surfpick some years ago and after having bought numerous other picks since,
including a lot of V-Picks, I have been rediscovering it again! I love the body thickness of the V-Pick when held
(feels very secure) but some of the thicker ones display a "metallic" tone when just grazing the
side of the string or when plucking fairly hard; sort of like when using a silver coin shaped pick.
My Bullet Surfpick with the rubber feels secure and the Tone definitely feels warm, organic yet clear;
with no "clickiness" or dull "thuck, thuck" like traditional modern materials. Cheers."
- Stephen

"The more you use it, the better you like it."
- Ken

"Ra, I wanted you to know that I purchased 2 picks from you a while back
and they are the best purchase I've ever made on the internet. I play for pleasure, relatively frequently,
and haven't come close to wearing out the first one. This additional purchase will allow me
to try rubber portion, as my others don't have that feature. Thank you."
- Steve

"I'm going to buy some more!! Best pick I ever used. Thank you Thank you."
- Lynn

"Just purchased a 2mm Mini Bullet Jazz from you. I still use my standard size Bullet pick
I got from you several years back - LOVE the tone!!! Is there any way you could throw in
an extra pouch with my order? Somehow I lost my original one I got from you at a gig."
- Colin

"Hi Ra......I want to thank you. I recently order $52 worth of picks after having tried one
I purchased on eBay. Now that I've used it with both electric and acoustic guitars,
it is the best pick I've used. I have a spinal cord injury that caused me to have to
give up the guitar. I had given my guitars to my son... except for an acoustic. I literally had to
tape a pick to my right hand... Long story short... your picks have helped me tremendously.
I can now focus on my playing and not concern myself with the pick turning in my grip.
So, thank you so much for offering what I had been unable to find."
- Dennis

"Thanks for your help and awesome picks Ra!!"
- Colin

"Hi Ra, I've been playing with a Dunlop Tortex medium-thin pick for over 20 years.
I was skeptical about your pick because I've never liked thick ones. Your pick arrived
one day before my first gig with a new band. I was terrified of breaking a string or dropping the pick.
The gig was fantastic and my sound and my playing were better than ever. I've got another gig this Friday
and would love to have a new one (actually, I'll order two) by then. Thanks for the great product."
- Todd

"Your picks are truly top notch. Every time I show it around I end up getting requests for a new order."
- Dan

"I can't believe your pick. I have 24 guitars. It's a really nice collection. PRS(4), Gibsons(5), Fenders(3), Taylors(2) and various others.
The best way for me to describe using your pick is that it's like a bass player that plays bass with their fingers
but for a guitarist it's like having that kind of deep tone and with the brightness.
I will have to buy more because I know it's the only pick I want to use. It's like having all new guitars."
- Mike

"I feel like I should apologize to my guitars for ever using anything less!"
- Anthony

"OK I get it now. I've used Fender thins for 30+ years now. I've read and I've been told to consider a thick pick
but I've never done it until Surfpick. Now I get it. I tried your product on a vintage Martin D-18 for a trial.
Took me 60 seconds to get the secret. I then plugged in a Gibson vintage 335 into a Fender Twin, and again I had the "AH HAH" moment.
Thanks. Your Surfpick simply connects me into the music I deliver without a piece of plastic in the way.
No more interpreters. I didn't know . I was uneducated. But now ... I get it. Thanks Surfpick.
The feel with the Surfpick is unlike anything plastic can provide. When I think about depth and emphasis, it happens.
When I'm thinking soft and background, it just happens. No "what is the pick and string going to sound like" but simply music to give away.
OK I've got several hours of playing ahead of me today ... thanks so much Surfpick."
- Dr. Ronald

"I received the picks and I LOVE them!! Amazing how much of a difference that just a "pick" can make.
I will definately be buying more picks from you, they are just really fine pieces of artwork, I love the feel of them and they are just beautiful."
- Tammie

"Hello Ra, I haven't ordered from you for five years, your picks last too long for your business bottom line!
Has no one told you of planned obsolescence? I panicked when I could not find you as I am now habituated to your picks.
I saw the Vernon Reid endorsement and it caused me to also order some Dugains.
I am sure they will be quite different than yours in feel and sound."
- Bruce

"I got your picks today. I haven't tried them all yet but I can say that the JG Holy Bullet is the best pick I've ever used.
I doubt that I'll ever go back to plastic. Great feel, great tone and a certain unconscious security that the I have a firm grasp of the pick.
Even though there's more material between my picking fingers and the strings (as compared to a plastic pick)
I feel a greater contact with the guitar. Nice work Ra."
- John (Lightsong Studio)

"It is impossible to put into words how happy I am with your Surfpicks. They exceeded my wildest expectations.
I have a Martin Custom Spuce/HOG and it sounds great. The Surfpicks make it sounds completely different.
So much cleaner, each string is solidly and evenly contacted, and as a beginner the feeling of feedback I get with the Surfpick
makes playing and learning so much easier. I am sure my daughters will love theirs, it will make it much easier
for their small hands to hold the pick and the gift cases were a nice touch that turns them into a really special gift.
You can be assured I will be showing them off to everyone I know and the cards you included will be passed around."
- Alan

"All I have to say about your picks, is that they are phenominal and the next chance I get I'm going to buy more.
Thank you very much. The difference is very noticable."
- Casey

"Ra, simply put, the Surfpick is the best I've ever used. I have considered buying a new amp because this one just lacked
that certain "something" -- the right amount of mellowness. (I'm using a Fender Blues Jr. with a Jensen P12N
and a Fender Classic Series '50s Tele.) The Surfpick is the missing piece of the puzzle.
My search for perfect tone is complete and I have your product to thank for it. Thank you so much!"
- Trevor

"I am amazed, the Surfpick has added a good amount of "depth" to the strums of my Sigma Martin 12 string.
It was the best improvement along with D'Arrio Xtra Light 80-20 Phosphor Bronze strings."
- Ralph

"I tried the Surfpick with another guitar with coated strings, a Jackson PC1. The result was similar to that of the McCarty -
dead muffled sound, no bloom, just not useable without cranking the amp (which then introduces other issues).
But then I tried it on a PRS 513 without coated strings, and the result was amazing.
Whereas the Fender celluloid pick produced a pronounced, full, but somewhat bass-heavy sound without any midrange or top-end dynamics,
the Surfpick produced a dynamic, well-rounded, very full sound with huge midrange bloom and wonderful dynamics.
The difference is night and day. The Surfpick sounds much much better on my 513 than do my Fender picks.
So maybe the difference is coated strings vs. uncoated strings?"
- Eric

"I ordered your picks simply because something about how they were being described really resonated with me
and so I felt compelled to give them a try.......I received my order a few days ago and I haven't stopped using your picks...
I was so taken in with the thicker rounder tone (and clarity) they give me, whether playing my '51 Martin
or my midi enhanced Kramer electric, that I haven't stopped playing and experimenting with them...
you've got a great product and your picks have already earned their place with the gear I use regularly. Thanks!"
- Steve G

"I hate to say this, because you have been so nice, but the surfpick sounds pretty dull and lifeless
and has less volume than my other picks. Could this surfpick be a dud? After reading so many testimonials on your site,
I can't imagine they could sound like this." - "Hi Ra, Just wanted to let you know
that I have been experimenting more with the Surfpick and now I quite like it.
For a lot of what I play on electric (mostly Blues) it sounds great--just had to alter EQ a bit.
I now love the mellowness and it has dynamics that are nicely different from my other favorite picks.
You can add this to my previous testimonial if you wish. My other favorite picks are V-Pick and Red Bear.
I go to the Surfpick quite often now, but the above mentioned picks have
a very different tonal flavor from each other, and it is great to have these options."
- C.D.R.

"Ra, just wanted to say thanks. This thing really does stick to your fingers.
I love beautiful wood and all things made from it and I must say this pick is a work of art.
I believe there is no substitute for the finest things and this pick surely is the finest."
- Ron

"I was interested in what a 'wood' pick would sound like and I am pleasantly surprised.
Nice rounded mellow tone and still crisp but without that pick click. My hands get a little sweaty when I play
but with this it actually helps make the pick stick to my fingers more. I haven't dropped it once yet.
I still won't abandon my silver picks but this lignum vitae pick is going to take over most of the songs I play from now on.
Very awesome indeed. I will definitely be back for several more. Thanks."
- Chance

"Hello Ra! Received my picks and they are everything promised in your website and testimonials.
I'm telling everyone I know that plays about these picks.
Even people that don't play are amazed at the beauty and craftsmanship in your product.
I'll be buying more picks in the near future!"
- Mike

"Hi Ra, I loved the pic I ordered before so much, that I had to order more for my friends
( and a couple more for me! ) Each pick come with it's own box?
That is a great way to preserve such a fine instrument. To me it is it's own instrument as much so as my Taylor.
Thanks again I am sure I will be back for more."
- Charlie

"Hi Ra, I don't usually write back after I've ordered something but; I just received my first Surfpick and it won't be the last.
I never imagined a Pick made from wood could sound so good. It's smooth, mellow as well as crisp. A Hard combination to Find.
I was also worried about volume but this pick is as loud as my Tortis pick and that shows How Hard the Wood actually is.
Ra, Your Pick makes makes my D-28 sound even better than I thought it could. Thanks."
- Phillip

"Hi Ra, they arrived today, wahoo! Holy crap, these are amazing.
These are the first picks I've ever had that bonded to me physically. As in, I didn't realize they actually stuck to you!
These are great, and what tone! My guitars have never sounded so mellow. What a great product. Thanks."
- Paul

"I got the picks in the mail yesterday... had about a day to play with them
and WOW the jazz pick you made me is perfect... I have been using a jazz III pick for so long,
within 30 minutes of using the surf pick, I already knew it was the better choice for me.
Amazing feel and sound... I'll be back!"
- Matt

"Hey Ra! My Surfpick 2mm bass pick arrived today. It is truly a beautiful piece of art.
The difference between using my Surfpick and using a thin piece of Delrin, is awesome.
I don't know how much your craftsmanship and artistry will ultimately improve my guitar playing,
but I do know that it is already more pleasurable for me to play."
- John

"Used to be Tortex. Now, Surfpick. All the way.
Just got it today and it is amazing. OMG."
- Oaksong

"Can't find any picks that compare. (God knows I've tried)...
if you ever decide to stop making 'em give me a heads up
so I can order a lifetime supply. The picks are truly a revelation."
- Bruce

"Hi Ra, I just got done practicing and had to come down to tell you
how great this pick feels. I'm a real beginner and I was just practising my notes
and the warm smooth feeling that developed after about 10 minutes was incredible.
What a comfortable feeling I didn't want to stop, I can still feel the smoothness between my fingers.
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this pick
and thank you very much for this quality product."
- Jesse

"I'm a repeat buyer and can't say enough about your picks!
My son who plays (bang your head against a wall and kill something) metal
picked up your pick and went into a trance and started playing blues riffs
and something that sounded like jazz. WOW! Can't wait to get my second order
and thanks for giving guitarists a beautiful tool to work with!!"
- Don

"GREAT! Just the pick I need, thin tip- unlike thick rosewood or ebony I tried."
- Larry

"This pick is awesome! Beautiful fat tone, very versatile. I love it!"
- Peter

"Ra, I received my pick today and am totally thrilled.
My custom made pick went from an order to my doorstep in a flash,
it makes my old Fender bass sound young again. and best of all,
even with my disability difficulties I once again enjoy playing with ease..
I can't thank you enough. You have a customer for life."
- Eric

"Absolutely fabulous! I tried to hate it, I put it through it's paces, it made my Rainsong sing like never before!
My Dean crunches through my Marshall and it stays put in my fingertips.
I can't say enough good things about it! I will be saving money to buy a bunch. Customer for life."
- Chris

"I really like the picks, thanks for doing a great job! This is no lie or imagination---
your picks have helped me improve my picking tremendously (& my tone too)."
- Matthew

"Hi Ra, I received my order today. "Wow!" pretty much sums it up.
I was one of those 50 cent-pick guys. Not any more.
It's such a small amount to pay in order to gain so much in return - both for sound and playability."
- Steve

"The best pick I have ever used, my friends want it badly!"
- James

"Hi Ra, guess what? The picks arrived today! They really do make a difference in the sound of my guitar.
My main acoustic is a Martin SP000C-16R and I've always liked the sound of it played with a pick
but the tone with your picks is much fuller and woody. It doesn't have that brittle edge that plastic gives.
So the plastic picks I've been using really do detract from the tone this guitar is capable of.
I'm sold on your picks for sure...
The picks make my electric, a Peavy T-60 1978 model sound so much better.
It's unbelievable! So much smoother sounding. Thanks again."
- Rachel

"Hi Ra, I received the 3mm jazz stubby today, and I have to say, wow!
The tone is perfect, big and warm on the plain strings... and really clear on the wound strings.
Definitely better than plastic! It really made me want to keep playing...I even like just holding it.
I must confess I had a hard time staying focused on my guitar students while teaching today.
I kept zoning out, thinking; 'Gee, my guitar sounds really great today' ... Thank you!"
- Steve

"If you play guitar with a pick, you better own one of these!"
- Jack

"I've only had mine for a week, but I feel pretty secure in saying you have something there!
Changes one's entire sound, style and attack be it acoustic or electric guitar.
Most notable is the total removal of the "pick" sound when in use. I will be getting a few more for sure!"
- Steven

"Just received your pick. Unwrapped it. Played a few chords on my 12 string.
Went right to the computer to order more. Super pick!!"
- Jamie

"I bought one of your picks a few weeks ago, just to try it out. I just ordered a bunch more.
I can sum up my impressions of your picks up in one word: TONE!
Who would have thought that such a small thing would make such a big difference in sound quality?
Anybody want my old stack of Jim Dunlop picks?"
- Dr. Jet

"Cheapest improvement I ever made to my sound. Excellent! Highly recommended."
- Joey

"You rotten septics won't sell to the UK - why keep the best for yourselves?"
- Peter from Lincolnshire, England

"Yes, sir. They are just terrifically great. And I can't stop myself from getting more
for me and my friends. Absolutely a masterpiece, Ra. Thanks a lot!"
- Joe

"Thank you for making truly the best picks!" ( 4th order for multiple picks )
- Armando

"Hi Ra, I just wanted to thank you again for the terrific picks."
I'm off to your website to figure out which picks of yours to get next. I am quite impressed!"
- Kenneth

" The pick is great, for a mellow-er sound, but it (the sound it creates)does not stand up to the fiddle I back up.
I did a test and asked the fiddle player to close her eyes and then picked the same chords with both picks,
and she chose the plastic one and said it sounded brighter. Thank you."
- Cece

"Great pick. I'm a beginner but I feel and look like a pro with it. I'm spoiled now."
- David

"I ordered one of your "bullet" picks. On one of my 'tone quest rampages'
I turned the pick on its rounded edge (I had taken off the gum rubber).
I was suprised just how clear the sound was as opposed to the rounded edge
of the golden gate picks I had been using."
- Darin

"Dear Sir, I love these picks. I've searched and searched for the right pick
and now I've found it. Thank you."
- Dennis

"You gotta try one of these. Im buying more. Simply put.. THE BOMB!"
- Darren

"I had to write back again to let you know that I think you've got a fantastic product.
I've been traveling lately through U.S. and Mexico and everybody asks me about your guitar pick.
They all want to know where I bought it. I simply love my pick and even though
I've been offered a couple of times much more money than I paid for it, I can't depart with it.
This winter we're shooting on location in Eastern Europe,
I'll let you know what the response from local musicians will be."
- Voislav

"Freakin' phenomenal picks. Must have more. Quick delivery. Great seller. No worries!"
- Wayne

"I thought there was a pretty good chance it may be a wasted 9 bucks,
but no... it's worth the dough, at least to me. I'm happy to find,
this pick is for real. It ain't the only pick I'll ever use,
but all that talk about tone I read about in the listing is true.
It does facilitate a tone that is soft and warm,
the kind of tone that reminds me of soft easy jazz, or mellow blues;
but it WILL SCREAM when asked to. The wood it's made of seems waxy,
and the pick kinda just slides or floats "through" the strings, almost without friction...
I love this pick. Matter of fact, I'm gonna buy a couple more as Christmas gifts.
Thanks again Ra. It's nice to do business with folks that deliver what they promise.
You are one of those folks."
- Wally

"Fast Shipping,Great Product-Well Worth the Money."
- Daniel

"Ra, I bought a Bullet Pick from you about a year ago, Well somehow I can't find it
and I am frantic. I love that thing, I tried one of my plastic picks and almost cried,
it sounds horrible. Help me!!"
- Mike

"GREAT PICK!!! Mandolin or guitar player's dream. Well worth the $$$. Buy one!"
- Alice

"Well, it is rare to say there is truth in advertising, but this pick - real deal."
- Jim

"Hi Ra, I just have to let you know that the picks exceeded my wildest expectations.
When I began playing with one I immediately noticed that a completely different tone was coming from my guitar.
It was a warm, clear, pure sound. These picks actually become a part of the tone that I'm creating
and they allow a completely new level of musical expression as you play with dynamics and attack.
... about the increased accuracy and overall playability. I thought to myself, I really don't see much difference in that area
... until I picked up one of my normal picks and began to play so horribly that I embarrassed myself!
They're very cool picks. I think you have created something special here. Thanks again."
- Joe

"I love the pick! It's KILLER for slide guitar! Thanks Ra!"
- Hugh

"Got the pick about a week ago and it is unreal! It is truly a masterpiece. Thanks."
- Rob

"These picks are what the doctor ordered! I have a malady that makes my hands numb.
Holding on to a plastic pick sucks. The rubber grip on these Surfpicks is perfect.
With the Surfpick, tone quality is awesome!! Effortless transition between strings.
Smooth! Hey Guys, grow up... throw the plastic toy away! Play Lignum Vitae."
- Richard

"Thanks, Ra! It's even better than I expected. Smooth yet biting. Very full sound."
- Thad

"The ulitmate pick - dynamic - loudness maximizer / bebob playing on Jazz archtop."
- Karen

"Great item, really does affect the tone in a wonderful way.
I would like to buy 2 more, if it is possible?
These picks make my acoustic guitar sound like "wood".
The tone is so much cleaner and more apparent, without the high end shrill.
You can hear every note in the chords, also all your mistakes.
I also tried it on stage with a Korean Squire Strat with an old Peavey amp,
typically the worst tonal setup you can get..
but this pick cleaned up the sound and you could hear every note,
even with that old Peavey solid state bumblebee distortion.
Also, it gave me great attack and tone on the bass.. but again-
you hear all your mistakes so it was very humbling. Thanks."
- Tom

"The Surf Pick ROCKS! The best pick I've ever used. Thanks Ra"
- Ken

"I received the pick (2.5mm Jazz stubby) two days ago and am already a "convert".
Previously, I had been using 2mm or 3mm Dunlop Stubbies for the best tone when playing predominantly single-note lines,
but usually switched back to 1.18mm Dunlop Jazz III (Stiffo Nylon) picks when doing a fair amount of chordal playing.
Now, I find the lignum vitae pick to be perfect for both, since it doesn't impart that "hard plastic" sound to the chords,
nor does it produce that "chirping" sound on single notes that hard plastic tends to do. Thank you! "
- Bill

"WOW! Nice clear ring, fits the fingers like a dream. I love it! Thank you."
- Nancy

"The Surfpick makes me sound sooooo good. It's awesome, A++++ Thanks, Ra!"
- Stephen

"Hey Ra, I got the pick yesterday. It is very nice, you got the design perfect.
I didn't notice an immediate difference in the sound but what really floored me
was how easily the pick seems to just melt through the strings.
As I've played with it more, I've started to figure out all the subtle
nuances of sound I can get just by tilting the angle of the pick one way or the other.
It's like a little self-contained mini-instrument.
Needless to say I will be ordering some more in the future."
- Shaun

"Another perfect pick & transaction! This pick is everything you say it is & more.
Beautiful picks! Plays fantastic, feels good in your hand, best pick I have used!"
- JD

"Not only a far superior pick but superior service! 2 Thumbs up!"
- Perry

"Ra, got your picks. Man they sound awesome! I never thought about how the sound
of the pick hitting the strings and the type of material would make such a difference.
I play a great sounding Taylor but these picks make it ring. When I compare a plastic pick
to this special wood pick, the sound difference is significant.
I can't believe how "plastic" sounding the sound of the regular pick hitting the strings
really was until I compared the wood pick striking the strings.
Dude, thanks for producing this pick - it is aweseome!"
- Alex

"Ra, I got the picks you sent a few days ago and they are beautiful.
Not only do they look great they also sound wonderful.
Thanks for the blank, I'm going to shape it into another pick."
- Keith

"Hi Ra, I had been playing with silver picks, they have a nice tone for single note playing,
but are not as good with chords. Your picks have better tone, are less expensive, and are more versatile.
You made a believer out of me, and I expect to buy more from you in the future."
- Mark

"Very High Quality Pick, and I'm Pickey! Perfect Transaction!"
- Don

"I ordered some of the world's most expensive picks and have not been disappointed.
The rigidity of the wood, coupled with its friction - both in respect of strike and grip -
plus the capacity of the material to absorb sound, makes for an amazingly good feel and tone.
I'll be getting some more."
- Andy

"Wow, I love this pick - plays great - gonna get some more and send to friends."
- Russ

"I have to say that's the best (and I mean the best) pick I've ever used in my entire life.
I love it. I know that it's a guitar pick... but I used it with an electric bass and an SWR bass combo in my home studio.
That's the best I've ever sounded playing bass with a pick.
It didn't deliver that terrible clicky noise normally associated with using a guitar pick.
I may have to try one of your bass picks, too. I love the rubber grip on the Surfpick.
It's impossible to drop this pick! I can't wait to see what it sounds like on Electric Guitar.
I tried it out with my Larrivee acoustic guitar and it livened up the sound of that guitar incredibly.
This is one hell of a pick. Thanks.
- William

"The more I play it, the more I like it. Thanks.
- Tom

Hey Ra, I just received your pick and I love it! I can't put my guitar down!
By the way, i bought some rosewood picks ... they are lifeless and i can't play with them.
Your picks are incredible."
- Nathaniel

"Hey Ra, Just recieved my LV surfpick with finished tip and am very pleased.
Being similar in size to the plastic Fender heavy picks that I have used for years,
it fit naturally in my grip! I think using this pick can be compared to
'sex without a condom'...increased sensitivity and feel!
Could very well be the first truly 'organic' pick!
The feeling is of a more natural link between your hand and instrument.
This in turn, lends itself to creativity! Great product."
- Rod

"Best pick I've ever owned! Great transaction. Thanks."
- Larry

"I worked with these picks for a good while this afternoon,
and just could not get "my sound" out of them the way that I can from my trusty old Dunlops.
This was obviously disappointing--but no knock intended for you or your work--they are beautiful.
Call me difficult, hard-to-please, or ridiculous, but I just know what sound I need from my rig (and picks).
You offer a remarkable product, and I wish you well in helping others make better music.
That being said, I'd like to respectfully request a refund if I return them to you."
- Greg

"Wow!!! Nicely crafted guitar/ mandolin pick- better than expected. Thanks!!"
- Scott

"THANK YOU for crafting a product that has ended a long search.
I have searched and struggled for years to find a pick that fits so perfectly in my hand.
Due to a twisted right index finger, plastic picks were always to thin to hold correctly
and i wasn't a fan of the cheap sound either. The same finger also makes efficient finger picking out of the question.
The Lignum Vitae pick responds to the plucked string like pure magic and holding it is effortless.
The fact that it also sounds good is merely a bonus!"
- Daniel

"Very cool pick, natural tone and crazy volume. Work of art. Thanks man!"
- Adam

" I decided to fire up my Blackface Super Reverb and my Fulltone Full-Drive II and check this thing out.
I am used to playing with a thin metal pick made out of cymbal material,
so playing with a pick made of thicker material was a bit different for me at first.
However, as I continued to play I began to appreciate the genius behind the design.
The pick not only felt good and stayed between my fingers, it also produced a unique difference in my tone!
I played and played on as I sailed away on a sea of tone with the pick lending a more sax like tone to my guitar.
I am still not sure how this was achieved but one thing I know is that I will be back for more. "
- Kirk

"Very nice pick, smooth, and unique."
- Daniel

"The Surfpick feels like it has grown out of the ends of my fingers.
Other times it feels like I am holding the beak of a wild starving sparrow
pecking at the strings and flinging notes out into the air as fast as I can imagine them in my head. Thanks Ra."
- Torrey

"What a great product...Thank you! Highly Recommended Seller!"
- Carol

"Hi Ra, the Jack Grassel pick has a surprisingly bright sound against my
metal strings ( I play the autoharp ). I thought it might be muted ...
but this was a nice surprise. Can I swap the Bullet Pick for another Jack Grassel?
I didn't play it after I tried the JG, because the feel of the Jack Grassel was so great!"
- Karen

"I set about intentionally brutalizing and abusing this "hardest wood on the planet."
Heavy handed choppy power chords, my lame attempts at 'shredding',
Pete Townsend act, some SRV shuffle scraping, the whole bit.
And it stood up to it for a few hours of playing. But the edge did get rough...
I probably wore more than 1/8" off of the picks length in only a few hours of abusive playing,
and then the pick split down it's lengthwise grain line(s)! Not in two pieces, but three!
No shock here. Remember, I was *trying* to destroy it.
I would only consider it a 'special effect' pick used only for
mellow sounding acoustic and archtop picking and strumming."
- John

"This is an awesome guitar pick! It makes my guitars sing! I'll keep it forever!"
- Riley

"GREAT PICK!! Quick delivery. Well worth the price. I'll be buying more!"
- Steve

"Great sound from this pick! It's changed the way I play my guitar!"
- Kevin

"I love this pick! Thanks Ra!"
- Wally

"I used your surf pick at a gig the other night and it sounded great as advertised.
About the 3rd set I decided to try a plastic pick again
to see how it felt and sounded, and just couldn't do it.
I'm ordering five more surf picks, which may be a lifetime supply for me. Thanks."
- Will

"Fantastic pic. Love the feel. Will get more soon. Worth every cent. Thanks."
- Greg

"Just received my 2 Jack Grassel HB Picks and I am so impressed I've ordered 2 more!
Just what I"ve been looking for --for years!!"
- Whit

"FINALLY! A great pick that stands up to it's claim! My search is over!! A+++"
- Brian

"Hello Ra, thanks for the pick! Really nice pick - the testimonials don't lie!
I found myself playing Hendrix' "Lover Man" and after about ten minutes I smelled something burning.
The pick held its edge, though - remarkable! Odd thing is, I've never been able to play that song before -
so there's something extraordinary about your work."
- Howard

"Awesome pick! Absolutely beautiful!"
- Jodi

"He Is Right. One Great Pick. Adds So Much To The Sound . Gets All AAA+++ On This."
- Richard

"Hi Ra, I received my pick and I love it! It's so beautiful to look at
and comfortable to hold, but the sound, oh my, the sound is just wondrous.
I never knew a pick could make such a difference and my Alvarez never sounded so good.
I'm going online tomorrow to order two more. I hope you keep making these forever.
Best wishes, and thanks again!"
- Mike

"Hi Ra, I really do like the mellower tone.
I must admit I was a little skeptical when I purchased it but it really is a nice pick. Thanks."
- Brad

"Wow, really nice feeling and playing pick!"
- prm

"Ra, great pick, I got home last night at 2AM and found it in the mailbox....
well let's just say I didn't get to bed until around 4AM when I passed out holding my guitar.
Your pick rocks, I love the brightness of the tone and clarity of the notes I can get from it.
Thanks for the great work."
- Luis

"Fantastic Guitar Pick!!! A Must Own!"
- Eric

"I have been playing guitar for 30 years and am very impressed
with the playing ease and sound of your picks. You are really on to something with this material
and in my humble opinion, every guitar player should give your pick a try
and they will undoubtedly notice the difference. I look forward to future transactions with you."
- Mark

"I received your pick today. It is wonderfully unique!
I've never felt or heard anything like it bringing out additional tones in my archtop. Thanks!"
- Jamey

Hi Ra, Great pick. I haven't used it on all my guitars yet (52 of them) but the ones I have, the pick excelled.
I was especially impressed with the sound I got on my acoustic bass with flatwound strings.
The dobro w/bottle slide was great as well as an amplified Ovation balladeer.
It gives the guitar the "new strings" sound, bright highs and thundering lows.
Thanks again Ra, for a work of art and a smooth transaction."
- Javier

"Fast shipping & I knew as soon as I picked it up it was great. Far better tone."
- Dan

"I received my picks today and love them. It's really amazing how these picks affect the sound
-- it just comes alive with the clearest of tones -- really beautiful."
- Judeth

"Received today, and believe me I couldn't put my guitar back down for over 2 hours!
The warm tone the pick gives is just the tip of the iceberg....
This pick plays cleaner and is more responsive than any nylon or plastic I have ever used.
I am very happy with your product."
- Charles

"Wow. This pick is everything it was cracked up to be. Great sound."
- Adam

"Thanx again for the pick..the rubber coating stays 'dry' even when the sweat is really pouring off me has a much warmer tone than the nylon JAZZ threes(dunlop) that I use...
I can't wait for inspiration to strike again, because I feel that this pick,
combined with my fingering style, will be one hell of a combination."
- Grey - songwriter & Taylor player

"Hey Ra, I got the pick yesterday and gave it a good tryout last night. It was all you described and MORE!
It sounded fantastic on my acoustics, none of that clicking sound like with a plastic pick, just a good, smooth, warm sound.
Then I tried it on my Strat and Gretsch Synchromatic, it even sounded great on the electrics.
But, when I plugged up the old acoustic-electric, man what a great sound
- not like you were playing thru an amp, just more like a VERY loud acoustic.
Thanks again for such a great product! - I will be ordering more later!
- Jim

"Fantastic item, great tone, have bought several, speedy delivery, great seller!!"
- Glenn

"Got the pick and love it. Tougher than I thought it would be. I play lead-guitar and play it pretty agressively.
I chew up picks pretty fast but after about 6 hours of intense non-stop practice Saturday, the pick showed little signs of wear.
It mellowed my tone a bit too, which is quite desirable at times ...
will definitely be ordering another one soon. Thanks much!
- Charles

"Wow! What awesome workmanship on this pick! Fast Delivery! A+"
- Lana

"Just a note to let you know I received your pick today.
I admit I was skeptical at first but there really is difference in the sound.
It brings a nice mellow tone to my Martin.. a lot better than the cheap plastic picks.
Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for the nice product!"
- Donna

"Really enjoying the pick! It is my favorite now! Thanks!"
- Dianne

"Pick is awesome. I love the size and the feel.
No more plastic for me. Thanks for it again.
- David

"Really, really beautiful pick. I bought two more today."
- gertie

"One heck of a great pick!!! Thanks!!"
- waffa

"It was BETTER than described"
- Arpit

"Very very nice, I must say in 25 years of playing, the nicest pick I have ever used,
not clunky like I assumed it may have been. Beautiful piece.
Best guitar/bass pick ever made period! Every musician should own one!"
- Mark

"Love the pick. Thanks!"
- Duane

"Great guitar pick. Excellent prices, prompt shipping. Highly recommend."
- Tom

"Neat idea to sell rough blanks with instructions to make your own pick.
You have to try one of these wood picks to see how well it sounds/performs."
- Eli

"It's like a new effects pedal in a pick, great for inventive overdubs."
- Howard

"Just received today and was very impressed by the sound. Thanks."
- Matt

"Thanks for the picks. They are dressed perfectly.
They feel great and have beautiful tone.
Fine work. Thank you again."
- Mike

"Fast shipping, best pick i've ever used." - William

"My son really loves the bass pick, thanx so much!"
- Terri

"It's the pick of the Gods! Thank you so much!"
- Zeke

"The picks are outstanding!!!
These picks have tremendous tone and playability.
I'm so impressed with their response and how they simply just feel good
whether playing hard or for precision."
- Bill Alberti

"Great dealing with welcomesite!!!
Excellent quality and a very easy experience!"
- bille.a

"Fantastic dealer, worked through transaction to complete satisfaction. Excellent"
- Calsmith

"Prompt service, great merchandise, a quality vendor!"
- kk and sw

"Awesome! - extremely fast shipping! - killer guitar pick!"
- kershaw

"Thanks for the great service! I love the pick."
- Dan

"You're right, great pick. A+"
- Mitchell

"It is really hard to describe the feeling that you get with this pick.
It immediately feels like it's part of your fingers.
It doesn't move around in your fingers like a plastic pick.
It has a really warm feel and the various
angles of attack that you can use seem limitless.
I have found myself playing more with the sides of the pick than the the point.
To my surprise, it seems to be more apparent when you use
a good bit of distortion or overdrive in your music.
It sounds great either way but better when you are really driving the amp.
Thanks for some great picks."
- Ron

"Really worth it. I am going to buy more.
These picks make a great sound and seller stands behind 'em."
- Norton

"The lignum vitae pick is great.
I was surprised how smooth it is.
As to the sound, I would describe it as delicate, more on the dark, rich side.
It slides off the strings easily and without that clicking sound.
I like the fact that it's stiff. It allows the player to take absolute control of the sound."
- Artur

"This pick is awesome!!"
- Marty

"This pick is really unique.
I play acoustic guitar and use thin and medium fender picks.
I wanted to experiment with something different.
WOW!!! This really gets a very mellow sound out of my Martin SPD-16M.
Using the different edges for different effects is great.
I am sure I will order more of these over time."
- Greg

"The pick arrived today. It's great."
- Alan

"Just wanted to let you know that I really like these picks!
Great tone without the pick click. They sound especially good on a twelve string,
good clean high end without the harshness a plastic pick can cause."
- Mike

"Beautiful, unique sound, and handles easily.
So nice, I bought two."
- Roy

"Our son loves it. It's not just a pick, it is a work of ART. Will buy again!"
- John

"Ra, I tried out the pick on my rig & this is what I noticed:
(After a brief wear-in period, where the tip of the pick rounded out a tad--hasn't changed much since)

  1. FAR less string noise than the Red Jazz III, as long as it's perpendicular to the strings & not strummed @ an angle.
  2. Noticeably less volume than the red Jazz III---not a lot, but noticable.
    I think it's due to the red pick being slightly flexible & this one being very rigid.
    If I pick really hard, I can match the red one for loudness.
    i.e. I have to pick a little harder with the wood one than with the red one to have the same volume.
  3. Much more full tone, not the "snappy" treble sound of a plastic pick.
    You hear much more note & less pick attack.
  4. MUCH greater dynamic range. @ extreme soft picking, the red one farts out cuz it's not beveled.
    The wooden one can go from nothing to loud very smoothly.
  5. (update)
    This pick is such a blessing. At first, I could play fast single note stuff, but when it came to chords, I had trouble.
    Part of the problem was that I developed a habit from using the plastic picks---I tilted my pick slightly toward the bridge
    instead of keeping it perfectly parallel to the strings. And I played with WAY too much right hand tension.
    I tried using the Surfpick for some of my hardcore songs & I had a hard time playing as fast or as clean with the wood pick.
    I took a break, & rested my right hand. I tried again without using a plastic pick first.
    I kept my hand as relaxed as I could & I played better than I did with a plastic pick this time.
    It took a few seconds, but the contour of my pick allowed me to hold it with barely any tension---
    something nearly impossible to do with a plastic pick. As my Surfpick became more & more parallel to the strings,
    I could play faster & faster. It took a little while to get used to this new way of holding my pick.
    Now I can play very precise, fast lines with very little pick attack noise.
    Ra, you've got yourself a customer for life - I can't use plastic picks anymore! Thanks Ra!!"

  6. - Matthew

"Hey Ra, My Surfpicks came in the mail last week, and since arriving I've played with nothing else.
Initially, I used the standard pick, as the JG pick seemed too small for my hand.
After a few days however, I decided to try the JG, which will probably be the only pick I will use from now on.
I haven't used such a small pick before, so I don't have a comparison to other similarly sized plastic picks.
However, using the JG I have a level of control and accuracy that I have never experienced.
It's almost as if my technique has been fast-forwarded by a year of steady practice.
The JG fits in my hand perfectly, and the rubberized top portion creates a feeling that the pick is glued to my fingers.
I've read other Surfpick testimonials commenting on how the picks produce a warmer tone,
which I think I've noticed with the 2mm pick,
but I suspect will be much more apparent with the 3 and 4 mm picks that I've ordered.
The only problem with ordering the picks on-line is there is no way to know what thickness will work best -
until the pick is in your hand. (The 2 mm pick plays like a much thinner pick).
I did a google search for "expensive + guitar picks" and came up with your site. Lucky for me."
- Jesse

"Hi Ra, Over the past 25 years I've acquired a stock of about a thousand picks
in different gauges and shapes in celluloid, nylon, delrin, and a few other plastics.
To me, the tone of the Surfpick (especially with the blunt bevels), is quite round,
slightly 'dark' (which I like), yet there are nice rich complex highs ...
there was surprisingly little pick 'chirp' for such a thick pick.
However, what I found just as remarkable as the tone was the physical handling of lignum vitae.
After about half a minute between the fingers, the almost waxy oil seems to be
activated by body heat, and then the oil sort of melds into the skin and I had
the odd sensation that it felt nearly impossible to drop the pick while playing.
The implications of this didn't occur to me until after I'd played a little while
and I realized I could do something I had had difficulty doing in the past:
playing very fast, yet very quietly.
Because of the extraordinarily comfortable grip, for the first time I could
confidently hold the pick very lightly between the fingers without slipping,
allowing me all this delicate dynamic control from my hands alone.
I can also reach strings during certain phrases I didn't think I could reach.
Pleasantly strange to hear little things I never heard myself try before,
with the new technique the pick has opened up.
So no, I do NOT think the $10-$20 for your picks is an outrageous price, for a serious artist.
We're just too used to picks being dirt-cheap.
Actually I WAS initially motivated to get a Surfpick merely because
it was the most expensive, exotic pick I'd ever heard of.
And I do want to preserve one as a collection piece, but after actually trying it,
a tool like this really is meant to be USED, despite its visual beauty."
- Ken

"I received my picks yesterday. I was very surprised to get them so quickly! Thanks for being so efficient!
Once I had some time to experiment, I compared each of the three to the others
(2.0 standard, and 2.5 and 3.0 jazz stubby). I really feel a difference from pick to pick,
and prefer your 3.0 stubby. I normally play with Jim Dunlop 3.0 stubbies, and a Jim Dunlop Jazztone 205.
I was fairly satisfied with the quality of tone from each Dunlop pick, and didn't feel a tremendous desire to try anything else
I'm very pleased that I tried these picks! The difference in tone is immediately noticeable.
I feel like the LV picks make the strings vibrate as soon as they are touched, with no plastic pick clack sound.
The tone is more rich and fluid, and technically, the pick glides through the strings.
I was very surprised at how great a simple strum sounded with these picks
(I don't usually care for the sound of a strummed guitar!).
A Dunlop stubby is no strumming pick,
but I never expected to find one pick that could successfully switch between single note lines and chord strumming.
These are just my first reactions, and only after playing my Frankenstein Strat unplugged for an hour.
I can hardly wait to play my Les Paul or ES-175 through the amp to really hear the pick in action.
You'll hear from me again with further reactions - or at least another order!! Many thanks!"
- Don

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