Surfpick Lignum Vitae Guitar Picks

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A little thing like a Surfpick can make a big difference in your playing. It is one of the cheapest investments towards improved performance that you can make.

Enhance your recording & performing sessions with warm, rich tone. Another thing that players love about the Surfpick, is the absence of 'pick click' against the strings, compared to many picks.

Make any guitar sound better... and refine your picking skills at the same time. Should you not be delighted with your Surfpick, for any reason, please return it for a full refund. Many satisfied users call Surfpick the best guitar pick they've ever used. Take your art to the next level with these premium custom handmade plectrums.

These quality picks work great with electric, acoustic or bass guitars,
along with mandolins & all string instruments.

Our customers say it the best.
Read our testimonials & see why so many people think
Surfpick is the world's best guitar pick.

Standard 2mm Surfpick - $12

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